MAYCLIFF SHORES is dedicated to launching the dreams and aspirations of those that share their creative talents on these pages in order that they may have the opportunity to sail. Whether it's theatrical works, children's stories, short stories, art or music, MAYCLIFF SHORES will showcase such creations on this site. We invite producing organizations, publishers and interested individuals, to explore and envision the creative possibilities.


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Storybook Christmas

by Steve Taft


A modern adaptation loosely based upon the Dickens classic, Storybook Christmas: A Musical Christmas Carol features  twelve original songs designed to possess humor, heart, and perhaps make us think a bit, Storybook Christmas is a family-friendly musical perfect for the holiday season.

Hope the Firefly

A Play for Children

by Steve Taft


Based upon the children's stories, Hope the Firefly and Dancing with Daisy, this delightful adaptation follows "Hope" and her family of forest friends on a journey of collaboration, friendship, trust and hope.


Stories for Children

by Cindy Taft


Discover the kind, gentle and spiritual nature of this new author as she shares tales of inspiration, goodness and hope, woven within Hope the FireflyThe Angel and the Crayons, Yarn, Needles and Thread, Once Upon a Time with Cookies and more.




Education does not have to be a laborious task. In one classroom assignment, students have the opportunity to embrace their imagination and personal sense of creativity. This collection represents a select group of  students as they explore the world of nursery rhymes with stories that may make you smile, think, cringe, cry or chuckle.


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-- Poet, Hannah Smith

-- Playwright, Cody Daigle-Orians 

-- Songwriter, Austin Taft

-- Visual artist, Aaron Listen

-- Playwright/actor, Jeff Allen Young 


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