Children's Stories by Cindy Taft

Thirty-five years ago I married a beautiful, intelligent, talented and creative woman. She's been a supportive, patient, caring and generous mother to our four children. She never ceases to surprise me. In addition to her writing talents, Cindy has been a teacher and wood carver and I call on her to fix most anything around the house.


In the spring of 2007, Cindy was motivated by the Presidential campaign and inspired to write her first children's story, Hope the Firefly. I loved it. Other stories followed such as Dancing with Daisy, The Angels and the Crayons, Once Upon a Time . . . with Cookies and more.


Believing strongly in her work and shamelessly promoting those I believe in, I'm taking the opportunity to share her stories on the site of MAYCLIFF SHORES in hope that one day they'll sail. They are intended as illustrated children's books. Being optimistic, perhaps they will be one day. Enjoy. (ST)

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