By Cindy Taft


          Of all the many angels in heaven, Anna was the littlest.  Her favorite activity during the day was coloring with crayons and creating “beautiful masterpieces.”  Her innocent little eyes saw all the pretty colors in heaven and her greatest joy was sharing her pictures with the other angels.

          One day, God decided to create the earth.  He wanted His new world to be filled with beauty and wonder and having seen Anna’s delicate little drawings, He called to her.

          “My little one, would you create a lovely masterpiece for me?  I know you can do it.”


          “I would love to color a picture for you,” Anna replied, her little wings fluttering with excitement.  She opened up her crayon box and began coloring on the closest cloud she could find.  She swirled the vibrant colors here and there, filling up the canvas.  God watched with joy as He saw how happy Anna was creating with her crayons.  Soon her work of art was complete.


          “Anna, that is wonderful!  I think I will call this picture the Northern Lights.”  God gently blew Anna’s illuminated cloud into the northern sky and the colors came alive.  “This will brighten up the lives of all who see it,” He said. 


          Anna saw her picture glowing in the big sky, and she was content.  God then said to her, “Anna, would you like to do another picture for me?”


          Anna’s eyes beamed at the idea of creating another drawing.  “Oh, that would be great!”  Anna once again took her crayons and chose them very carefully.  This time she picked red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. 


          One by one she used the crayons, placing the colors next to each other, starting with red and ending with purple.


          God could see the concentration on Anna’s face as she tried to keep her colors from running into each other, but the combined hues only made  her finished project more beautiful.


          God was very pleased with Anna.  “You are an artist, my dear.  I am going to call this picture a rainbow.  I will place it in the sky after the rains to give people hope for the sunshine that follows.”


          Anna smiled brightly and her laugh was contagious.   God patted her on the head and said, “Anna, I have one last thing I would like you to do for me.  It is a big job and you will have to work very carefully.” 


God waved His hand in front of Anna.  At that moment, a small colorless object hovered in front of her, a pair of little wings riding gently on a breeze.  


          “Anna, I call this a butterfly,” God said.  “It is one of many different kinds.  I need you to make them come alive.  You may use whatever colors you want.  Will you do this for me?”


          Anna gave God a big hug and said, “I promise to try and stay inside the lines.” 


          “I know you will,” God responded, feeling her warm little embrace.


           Anna skipped away and returned with more crayons.  One by one she decorated the butterflies – some with bright, vibrant colors, others with soft pastels. 


“They look like flying flowers, don’t they?” Anna replied. 


“Indeed they do,” God answered, as He looked down at His precious little spirit.  Soon, Heaven was filled with beautiful butterflies.  Finished with her task, Anna danced with the gentle little creatures and all the other angels soon joined in.  God smiled as He watched the loving little angel who had given all she had to bring beauty into God’s new world.




Cindy Taft

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