Truly Beautiful

Truly Beautiful
A poem - written and performed by Hannah Smith
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Truly Beautiful

by Hannah Smith


Saturday, July 22, 2017

I looked in the mirror.

Hair down.

Barely combed.

No make-up.

A t-shirt.


I looked in the mirror.


For the first time in my whole life, I felt beautiful.

Truly beautiful.


Peaceful tears stream down my face.

I run to my computer to start writing.

To start writing about this monumental moment.

This monumental moment I must share.

I must share it with my friends,

who refuse to see they are more than the mask of makeup that they wear.

I must share it with my sisters,

whose only definition of beauty is what they see on the television screen.

I must share it with every woman,

who has ever looked in the mirror and saw something that they didn’t like.

Did you look hard enough?

Did you see the masterpiece before you that even the most talented of artists can only dream of creating?

Did you see a strong, smart, kind, undeniably gorgeous woman, who is too hard on herself?

Who is too trapped in societies dictionary of what a real woman should look like?

What real beauty should look like.


Real beauty is a five foot four, 150-pound girl.

Who carries all of her weight in her thighs and her stomach.

Who refuses to wear bikinis, crop tops and short shorts.

Who bases herself worth on her dress size.

Who posts on Instagram just to see how many of her friends will comment “damn”.

Who thinks about not eating more often than she actually does.

Who wants so much to not look like herself.


Who on a random Saturday, on the way to the bathroom, fresh off of a nap, catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror

and starts to cry,

because she realizes how truly beautiful she is.

Who every day hereafter, will look in the mirror and realize how truly beautiful she is.





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