An Entertaining Example of a Theatre Pre-show Announcement performed and produced by Jonesy McElroy

A few years ago I had the pleasure to direct The Odd Couple at the Old Creamery Theatre in Amana, Iowa. As is the custom in this 21st century, theatre organizations most often include a "pre-show announcement" with the primary intent of asking patrons to turn off their cell phones. I asked Jonesy McElroy, a talented actor with the company, if he would use his voice-over talents to create an innovative announcement that would address the cell phone message, entertain our patrons and establish the time period of the show. He was kind enough to do so. Thank you to Jonesy McElroy and The Old Creamery Theatre for their permission to share this example announcement. 

The Odd Couple pre-show announcement - The Old Creamery Theatre - Amana, Iowa
Actor, Jonesy McElroy provides an entertaining preshow announcement for the Old Creamery Theatre production of The Odd Couple.
Odd Couple Pre-show Announcement.mp3
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Voice-over reel - Jonesy McElroy
Jonesy McElroy.mp3
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