Character Descriptions

8 Males / 7 Females + Townspeople

                                                                                                           CHARACTERS (MEN)


LUCAS BOONE (40’s-upper 50’s) is a cheap, grumpy, middle to upper-middle age man concerned with making money, money and of course, more money. He owns a used car
dealership. He has a chip on his shoulder and it won’t be easy to knock it off. He’s a character in the best sense of the word. Think Jeff Bridges. This is a demanding role as he appears in every scene but one. Boone sings on six of twelve musical numbers. The ability to play guitar is ideal, but not necessary. Baritone/Tenor.


JAKE BAILEY (30’s-40’s) is a bit younger than Lucas as he died a few years back. He is Boone's former business partner and not a member of the present world. Jake was the
one with the true musical talent, but in truth is a down-to-earth homebody and was the third part of a love triangle. He carries a somewhat heavy burden (literally). Jake is the primary vocalist on "This Town".


B.J. THE DJ (mid-20's-early 30's) has a Blake Shelton type of personality and an excellent connection with his radio listeners.  He has a sense of humor, is caring, and really loves Anna Sue Bailey (Jake Bailey’s daughter). They sing a duet entitled “A Gift of Love.” If he plays guitar it’s a plus.


CARTER (Visitor #1): Age 50-60+ - Once a country star at the Grand Old Opry he is now a “Visitor” (or Ghost) of Christmas Past. He knows how to “take stage”. We can also tell he’s lived (he’s been married several times). Singing skills are not necessary.


JOHNNY is THE Man in Black (yep, that Johnny) and is “Visitor #3” (or Ghost) of Christmas Yet To Come. Johnny sings on “The Good Lord’s Rules”. A Bass or baritone voice (singing and speaking) is ideal, but an actor that can embrace the essence of Johnny is more important.


YOUNGER CARTER (30’s) A younger version of the older Carter. In a scene of Christmas Past he IS a star at the Grand Old Opry. Singing skills are not necessary.


YOUNG LUCAS (late teens-early 20’s). Young looking. A dreamer. The ability to to harmonize is ideal. He sings with Y9oung Jake on “This Town” and also on “Better Deal”.


YOUNG JAKE BAILEY (late teens-early 20’s). Handsome. Nice hair is a good thing. Always the guy everyone knew would succeed. Good singer. Sings lead on “This Town”
and also sings on “Better Deal”. The ability to play guitar is helpful.

                                                                                                          CHARACTERS (WOMEN)

BOBBIE JACKSON is a loyal female employee to Lucas Boone. Late 20's-early 30’s. She works as Boone’s receptionist, accountant, marketing director, finance officer,
camera-woman and more. She is attractive, yet unassuming. Bobbie sings a "The Joy Christmas Brings" and on two ensemble numbers.


ANNA SUE BAILEY (early 20's) - She inherited her father’s musical talent and is quite confident in her womanhood. She sings several musical numbers and is also a member of the ensemble number “Merry Christmas to You”.  The ability to play guitar is ideal, but not essential.


LEOMA and LYNNETTE (the L & L Girls) - ages may range from upper-30s's-60’s. They have an internal energy about them and are members of the local Women’s Auxiliary
 Club and proud of it. The ladies are attempting to raise funds to purchase presents for needy children in the community.  They may sing on ensemble numbers, but vocal skills are not essential. They are a hoot! Comic timing is important.


MILLIE (30's-40's) - “Visitor” #2 – Ghost of Christmas Present – sort of – grammar was never her strength. - Millie was a mechanic at Boone and Bailey’s Used Car Sales before her untimely demise. She’s not very fond of her former employer. Singing is not essential.


MARY BAILEY (late 40’s-50’s) – Widow of Jake Bailey and mother to Anna Sue Bailey. Mary is a smart, caring, independent woman. She dated Lucas Boone long ago. She
 sings on “The Good Lord’s Rules” and on ensemble numbers.


YOUNG MARY (late teens-early 20’s). She a fun loving friend of young Lucas Boone and young Jake Bailey. She dates Young Lucas, although he is never quite ready to make a
long-term relationship commitment. She sings a beautiful solo, “Don’t Send Me Roses”.
                                                 TOWNSPEOPLE (ENSEMBLE)

There is one primary ensemble number in Act 1 (with a reprise in Act 2) as folks are downtown shopping and in the holiday spirit. Non-country singing voices are welcome, as well as some character male voices.



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