The Nursery Rhyme Collection

Did you ever wonder why Jack fell down after he and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water? And what is it with the little old lady that lives in a shoe with a ton of kids? Why is Jack Horner sticking his thumb into a pie? As adults we may have an entirely different perspective of the nursery rhymes we may have read or heard as children. Nursery rhymes are an excellent place to start to gain a bit of insight into the playwriting process, developing given circumstances and dialogue and perhaps have a little creative fun in the process.


In this assignment "option" for students in a freshman-level Introduction to Theatre course, the student selects a nursery rhyme to serve as a starting point and an inspiration in developing the given circumstances of their selected nursery rhyme by creating a typed narrative detailing what we know and what we are about to know about the characters, place, situation and more. Creating dialogue is a requirement of the assignment. 


The stories in this section are a limited sampling of student work, their imaginations, and the unexpected outcome that sometimes is the result of being creative.


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